Patrick Veitch: Enemy Number One Book Review

Patrick Veitch: Enemy Number One Book Review  I’ve been reading a few professional gambler books.

Patrick Veitch’s Enemy Number One: The Secrets Of The UK’s Most Feared Professional Punter, had been sitting on the book shelf since 2009. I wish I’d started reading sooner.

Published by the Racing Post.

A forward by John Francome set this up a treat.

The book come in 3 parts:

1) Early Days And troubled Times

2) Professional Punter And Owner

3) On The Inside

Including glossary and index we have 249 to detail the story trials and tribulation (and many successes) of a professional gambler of professional gamblers.

I’m not going to give all the juicy bits here as you won’t appreciate the book if I say too much. However, after reading Dave Nevison’s A Bloody Good Winner & Harry Findlay’s: Gambling For Life, it is up to speed. It’s well written and covers his story with some breadth so you get a feel for the man, his gambling successes, strength and weakness.

If you want the story of an accomplished gambler who is professional in all aspects of life then you will appreciate him over the ability of Findlay and Nevison. I respect both but from a true gambling stance Veitch comes across as more disciplined.

There’s a story to be told from a personal and gambling point of view.

In fact, Mr. Veitch had plenty of reasons to feel stressed out about life. He put his life on the line – like most professional gamblers – from an academic point of view and betting more money than most could comprehend.

All in all it was a good read. I did get the feeling that the winners never stopped but perhaps that’s the truth of the matter.

I would say that of all the modern-day professional punters Veitch is the most respected, accomplished and feared.

I guess the only way you will know is by buying this book and having a good read.

It will be exactly that.

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